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Company News

Company News

Scenic Overload

After the busiest month ever we had a business trip planned for early March to visit our supplier in Scottsdale, Arizona. Right when we arrived at the Phoenix airport we went to visit Premier Garage's factory that our supplier just purchased. There's a couple of new plans going on for Clever Closets. First, we are getting rid of our current garage cabinets and replacing them with new cabinets with more finishes and options. Second, we will be…

Spring has Sprung!

What a nice way to bring in the first day of spring with a nice sunny day. We all know it's time to clean out the winter clothes and pack in the summer wear. Here are a few tips we would like to share with everyone. First, if you have double hang put the pants up high and the shirts down low. This makes the closet feel bigger because pants hang narrow giving you more space near your head. Second, if you have flat shelves for shoes put the toe…

Going Green!

Not only do consumers participate in Earth Day but so does Clever Closets. First off we recycle all of the cardboard boxes to Royal Oak Recycling which helps save trees. Secondly we just leased a new Fiat 500 that will be used on design consultations, finishes, and any other long distance trip. This not only saves money on gas but it also will reduce the ware and tear on our work truck. There will also be a blog post only about the design car…