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Creative Ways to Use an Extra Bedroom

Creative Ways to Use an Extra Bedroom

Creative Ways to Use an Extra Bedroom

Extra bedrooms in a home are often utilized as a guest room, a home office or perhaps a catchall for all types of random items that wouldn’t otherwise have a home. With some creativity, extra organization and out-of-the-box thinking though, you may be able to change your extra bedroom into a space that better suits your sense of style. Here are a few options to think about:

A Home Gym

Why spend all of that money on a pricey gym membership, when you have space available in your very own home? Clear out the room and bring in whatever gym equipment you have already, along with a mini trampoline, a few floor mats and maybe a television and DVD player for watching aerobics videos. Better Homes and Gardens has more tips for setting up a home gym; now you’ll have no excuses for not staying in shape, and you won’t have to wait in line to use the stationary bicycle or shower in public, making this a win-win situation.

A Hobby Room

Do you scrapbook, sew, or have some other indoor-type hobby? A dedicated work area allows you to leave your projects out while they’re still in process without disrupting the rest of the household, as you would if you were to leave scrapbooking materials all over the dining room table for days on end. Invest in shelving and bins to keep your materials organized, and set up a table or large desk as a workspace. The Chic Geek has some ideas, as well as inspirational photos, for setting up such a room.

A Home Library

If you love to read and your books are taking over your home, install shelves, set up a few cozy chairs or sofas, and turn your extra bedroom into a library. A couple of small tables to hold mugs of tea and perhaps a desk for when you need some quiet working time will also fit right in, if you have the room. The Home Interiors Zone has some great ideas for organizing your collection.

The Ultimate Walk-In Closet

Particularly if your closets are small or if you have many members in your family, an extra bedroom can function as a huge family closet. With installed shelving, clothing racks at different heights, hooks on the walls, bins, boxes and other closet accessories, you’ll never be wanting for more closet space again.

Media Room

Do you have (or long for) a big-screen TV? The acoustics in your living room or family room might not be the best for surround sound. Bring the experience of the movie theater home by setting up a few recliners and a popcorn machine, and you’ll have the perfect place to host parties or just enjoy movie nights with the family. Modern Home Theater offers some technical tips for getting the best sound in your media room.

Be creative when it comes to setting up your extra room, taking into consideration how your family members tend to spend their extra time. Is there a way that you’ve used your extra room that is out of the ordinary? Share your ideas with our readers!

Author Resource: Michelle Kulas writes about Creative Ways to Use an Extra Bedroom, for Clever Closets. Clever Closets is an affordable and reliable Company for Home Organization.

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