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Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal for Summer!

Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal for Summer!

Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal for Summer!

The snowy winter and muddy spring are over in Michigan, and it’s time to start thinking about curb appeal. Now that the grass is growing, the leaves are in and flowers are blooming, this is your opportunity to get outside in the fresh air and make your house and yard the envy of the neighborhood. If this seems like an impossible project, don’t despair! Here are the top five simple things that you can do to boost your home’s curb appeal.

1. Fix up your front entry.

Is your door looking dingy? Either repaint it in a color that will make your front entry pop, or else replace it. See what the House Beautiful experts have to say about hot door colors. Buy new hardware if yours has seen better days, and hang up a seasonal wreath. Power wash the whole entryway, knocking down any cobwebs and sweeping away dead insects. If your light is dim, change the bulb or just try cleaning the fixture; it’s amazing what a difference removing a layer of dirt and grime can make.

2. Do some simple landscaping.

Trim bushes and shrubs, weed the front garden and replace old mulch. Fill window boxes and add some flowers in large containers for weed-free flower gardens. Mow the lawn and trim around the edges and sidewalks. Spending a weekend getting the front lawn and flower beds into shape will boost your curb appeal, big time.

3. Add outdoor accessories.

Outdoor art, such as wind chimes, birdbaths, waterfalls and garden sculptures add interest to your yard. Now is the time for summer sales for these types of items; for example, Birdbaths.com is offering up to 50 percent off some of their items, and free shipping besides. The key is knowing when enough is enough; buying everything you see will make your yard look tacky, not classy. Take your time in choosing what you might want; and don’t buy anything unless you have the perfect spot for it, and purchase with your home’s style and color in mind. 

4. Check your mailbox.

Do you have a standard black box with a red flag? Consider replacing it with something a bit more spiffy. If you’re feeling whimsical, consider one of the creations from Dean’s Custom Mailboxes, or for something more traditional, try Mailbox Collections, Etc. Make sure that whatever you choose is approved by the USPS.

5. Clean or replace gutters or downspouts.

Nothing screams “neglected!” like overflowing gutters filled with last fall’s leaves. Get out your ladder and spend a few hours cleaning them out. If your gutters accumulated too much snow and ice this year and are warped or sagging, replace them; it will make a big difference in how your home looks from the curb!

Once you’ve accomplished one or more of these projects, walk out to the street and spend a few minutes admiring your work. Take a few minutes to determine if there’s anything else you can do to spruce up your house’s curb appeal, and keep a running list. Everything makes a difference when it comes to your home’s appearance.

Author Resource: Michelle Kulas writes about Your Curb Appeal for Summer, for Clever Closets. Clever Closets is an affordable and reliable Company for Custom Closet Design.

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