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Why You Need To Invest In A Small Closet

Why You Need To Invest In A Small Closet

Why You Need To Invest In A Small Closet

A custom closet system is an investment, and many people can see the benefit of spending the time and money necessary to have a professionally-installed organization system installed in their large walk-in closets. Most homes have several small, reach-in closets, as well, including hall closets, guest room closets and kids’ bedroom closets. Is it worth the investment to have a closet expert rework these smaller closets as well? Yes, most of the time it is! Here are some reasons why:

Hallway closets perform a vital function in the home

During Michigan winters, having a place to easily and efficiently store and locate your coats, hats, gloves and boots will make life so much simpler. You know how it is when you have to quickly slam the closet door shut for fear of your winter items tumbling out; you won’t have to worry about that anymore when you have a custom closet installed. Everything will have its own place, eliminating the problems of lost mittens and missing scarves. During the summer, it can be frustrating to have to hunt through all of the heavy winter coats when looking for a light jacket; a custom closet in your hallway can provide you the space that you need to store all of your out-of-season items easily and neatly.

Kids’ closets can quickly turn to mayhem

Children are notorious for having messy bedrooms, and this extends to their closets. Most clothing rods are placed too high for little ones to reach, and there is often a lack of safe and child-friendly shelving and drawers in kids’ bedrooms. A custom closet in your child’s room will mean that he’ll be able to put his own clothing away, whether that means hanging items on hangers or folding them and putting them in drawers. As a safety feature, custom closet drawers won’t fall over on your child, like a bureau might. Don’t forget that as your child grows, the closet can grow right along with him, so the system that you buy for your preschooler will still work when he’s a teen!

Guest room closets often need to serve double-duty

Unless you host guests the majority of the time, it’s likely that you’re storing some random belongings in your guest room closet. These might include craft supplies, children’s schoolwork and boxes of memorabilia from when you were a teenager or young adult. Secondly, if you do have guests come to visit, it’s nice to be able to give them a place to store their clothing so that they’re not living out of their suitcases. A custom closet in your guest room can allow the space to fulfill both functions: There will plenty of room for your extra “stuff,” along with space for your guests to hang and store their clothing while they stay in your home.

If you are having your master walk-in closet reorganized with a custom closet system, why not consider doing the rest of the closets in the home, as well, particularly the coat closet, kids’ closets or guest room closet? Talk to your custom closets professional how having small closets organized can change the flow of your home.

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