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Getting Your Mudroom Under Control

Getting Your Mudroom Under Control

Getting Your Mudroom Under Control

One area that commonly attracts all sorts of dirt and organization is the mudroom. Whether you have a dedicated area for storing coats, boots, mittens, keys, backpacks and other items that are brought into the home, or you’re using a more formal entryway or utility room for this purpose, you may need some help in keeping it looking neat, tidy and well-maintained. If your mudroom tends to be the place that children and adults use to literally throw their items as they walk in the door, here are some ways that you can get it under control.

Make it User-Friendly

Who is using your mudroom? If you have young children, you’ll need to install hooks that are low enough for them to use for hanging their coats. Cubbies and shelves also help little ones to keep their cold-weather gear, such as hats, scarves and gloves, organized and separated from those of their siblings. If yours is a household of adults, more attractive areas for storage might be desired; you can also keep your belongings up high and out of the way. Larger families will need more space for shoes and boots than couples or singles. Take a few minutes to assess the needs of your household before you start reorganizing the mudroom.

A Place for Everything

If the prevailing theme in your mudroom is that everything ends up in a heap, then you have some retraining to do! Once you have appropriate hooks, racks, shelves, bins and shoe racks installed, it’s time to walk your family members through the system. Tell everyone exactly where coats go, where they can store wet mittens, how to store snowy boots so that they will dry without getting everyone else’s shoes sopping wet. Doing this now, before the snow-and-ice season begins, will mean that everyone will be on the same page before the first flakes start falling.

Provide Seating and a Place to Empty Pockets

If you have room, a bench or chair is a welcome addition to any mudroom. This lets you sit down while putting on and taking off your shoes, which is particularly helpful to children and those with difficult-to-remove boots. Also, place a table with a pretty bowl or basket on top for  you to use in emptying your pockets. Once per week, go through it, throwing away any receipts that you don’t need, putting loose change in a jar and dealing with whatever little thingamajigs that you find. This can help keep other areas of your house, such as your kitchen counters, free from extra clutter.

Make it Pretty

Your mudroom is part of your home, and it’s often the first part that guests see upon entering. No one wants to come home to a messy, dirty and unattractive house, so taking care to make your mudroom look nice can do a lot for your spirit as you return after a long day. Choose color coordinated bins and baskets. Paint the walls a shade that goes nicely with the rest of your home; using semi-gloss or high-gloss paint allows you to scrub walls without damaging the paint job. Hang up some artwork or family photos to create a welcoming touch.

As summer comes to an end, take the time to organize your mudroom in preparation for winter’s rapid approach; the time to get this type of project underway is now, before the season for snowy boots and sopping-wet mittens gets here!

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