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Give Yourself the Gift of Organized Closets in Bloomfield Hills, MI

You spend hours keeping your home clean, attractive and well-maintained. Even the most well-organized homes, however, often have cluttered closets. Disorganized storage areas can cost you time and money: You may spend money replacing misplaced items that you’ve already wasted enough time looking for! Clever Closets can bring closet organization to your Bloomfield, Michigan home.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Custom Closets

    As a homeowner, you understand your home the best of anyone. Each closet is designed with the preferences and needs of the homeowner in mind: Your budget, existing decor and the way you use your storage areas are taken into consideration to give you a finished product that is perfect for you!

  • Walk-In Closets

    Our closet systems can bring order to your master closets. The extra space that a walk-in closet provides allows us to install shelves and drawers to keep all of your belongings stored neatly and safely. Never waste hours again looking for something that you just know you stored in your master bedroom closet.

  • Kids’ Closets

    As your children grow, their closet organization needs change. From toddlers to teens, we understand what kids need in order to keep their clothing and other precious items contained and in good condition. Our closet organizers will grow along with your child, so your investment will continue to be worth it for years to come.

  • Reach-In Closets:

    Your hallway and coat closets may present special challenges, but we’re up to the task! Whether you use your reach-in closets to store out-of-season clothing, guests’ belongings or cleaning supplies, we can help you evaluate your needs and create a custom closet design that works for you.

  • Closet Accessories

    Your closets hold so much more than clothing. Our shoe organizers can keep your footwear safely stowed, and our jewelry organizers keep precious pieces from getting lost or tangled. No matter what you’re storing, we have accessories to help.

Your One-Stop Resource for Custom Closets in Michigan

The first step toward getting the closet system of your dreams is to call for a free consultation appointment. During this time, we’ll sit with you to come up with your customized closet design. You’ll be able to see it and suggest changes with our special 3D software. There’s no cost or obligation; take that first step and call us today!