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Closet Organizers in Michigan | Clever Closets

Do your closets look jumbled and messy? Closet clutter can take over a space quickly when you don’t have the tools necessary to keep it neat and tidy. Most closets come with only a clothing rod and perhaps a shelf or two. When you rely on the closet professionals at Clever Closets to design your custom storage space, however, you’ll have your choice of a wide variety of closet organizers.

From Ceiling to Floor, We’ll Organize Your Closet

We have the organizational tools you need to keep your closet functioning smoothly. No longer will you have neckties sitting in a pile on the floor or shoes missing. Simply put everything away in their designated spaces, and your organizers will keep your belongings corralled.

Some of the closet organizers we offer include:

  • Shoe Organizers: We have shoe racks in a few different styles, depending on how many shoes you have, how often you wear them, and how you prefer to store them.

  • Jewelry Organizers: A velvet- or satin-lined jewelry tray will keep your necklaces, bracelets and earrings in great condition. We also have necklace racks, if you prefer to hang your chains for tangle-free storage.

  • Tie Racks: Neckties can be slippery, and you’ve probably had the experience of having the slither right off of a hanger. A tie rack will keep your neckwear where it’s supposed to be.

  • Belt Racks: Belts are another type of accessory that would sometimes rather coil up on the floor rather than hang neatly on a hanger. A dedicated belt rack will solve your problem.

We also have a variety of hangers and pants racks that will hold your various clothing items.

Clever Closets, the premier closet organizers in Michigan, is ready to show you the difference our products can make in your home. Please call us today to schedule your free consultation. We’ll come to your home for no cost and no obligation. You have nothing to lose, other than your closet clutter, so get in touch with us now!